Delivery in the city and region

Express Communication is a timely and fast delivery of mail and cargo both within the city and in its area.

It can be produced in several modes convenient for the customer. The minimum delivery time is 2–3 hours from the moment of placing the application. Both individuals and legal entities can use this service. All customers of the company can count on high quality service and an individual approach to the implementation of tasks.

Delivery across Russia

Every day, we are delivers a variety of items throughout Russia. This can be correspondence, mail, parcels, orders from online stores, small, large, dangerous goods, as well as those that require compliance with the temperature regime.

Courier delivery is carried out in 34,000 settlements, including the most remote corners of the country. The service of the company is trusted by both individuals and representatives of the b2b and b2c sector. Turning to the Express Courier courier service, customers can be sure that their letters and goods will be delivered in the shortest time, both from Moscow, St. Petersburg (you can also add large cities) and between regions.

International courier delivery

"Express Communication" provides international delivery of parcels, correspondence, goods and other types of items. The geography of deliveries is 218 countries of the world, including the countries of near and far abroad.

By entrusting the delivery of Express Svyaz company items, customers can be sure that their goods will be delivered as soon as possible. International delivery times can vary from one business day to several and depend on the selected tariff, as well as the remoteness of the destination and the duration of customs procedures.

Delivery of orders for online stores

We are offer both integrated and individual logistics solutions for online stores, marketplaces and suppliers of various goods.

Integrated logistics services include:

  • • collection of orders and thorough verification;
  • • targeted responsible storage, including in compliance with the temperature regime;
  • • a complete set and packing of necessary positions;
  • • advertising products may be invested;
  • • return processing.

Delivery of products can be carried out to the "door" or to the nearest point of delivery of orders.

Temperature mode

We are carries out: transportation, packaging, packaging and storage of biological material, pharmaceuticals, consumables and other goods that require compliance with the temperature regime during delivery

Transportation of consolidated cargo

The "Combined Cargo" service is the delivery of any cargo for your business from 1 kg to 20 tons, from hand to hand, and between our terminals.

Warehouse logistics services

Experience working with clients from various industries allows us to solve the problems of warehouse logistics in the most efficient way

Additional services

Express Communication offers such additional services as:

  • • Cash on delivery
  • • Insurance
  • • Declared value
  • • Delivery of items with a "return"
  • • Cargo handling
  • • Delivery Notice
  • • Delivery after hours
  • • Delivery "Personally in hands"

Organization of mail rooms

This is a one-stop service in the client’s office. It is intended for companies with a complex structure and a large staff of employees who daily send correspondence to other offices, customers or suppliers. A mail room allows you to make logistics convenient and simple for any employee of the company.

Customs carrier

We are is a licensed all-Russian customs carrier. We are ready to transport goods under customs control without customs escort and ensuring the payment of customs payments throughout the country.

Customs Representative Services

The company "Express Communication" offers the services of a customs office in the preparation of customs declarations, the calculation of customs payments and customs procedures.

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